Radiology Consultation and Requesting Exams (for Physicians Only)

To request a Radiology Exam, please fill out one of the requisition forms below.

To request a Johns Hopkins Radiology Second Opinion on an exam performed outside of Johns Hopkins, click on this eRadiology Center link for further instructions.

Requisition forms:

Breast Imaging/Mammo Requisition

Body & Head CT Requisition

Diagnostic Requisition

MRI Requisition


Interventional Neuroradiology Requisition

Nuclear Medicine Requisition

PET/CT Requisition

Ultrasound Requisition


Not sure which test to request? Call the radiologists at one of the sections below:

Johns Hopkins Hospital 
Body CT(410)502-2997
Body MRI(410)955-4753
Central (x-ray)(410)502-4525
Emergency Department(410)955-2174/2175
Neuroradiology MRI(410)955-4146
Nuclear Medicine(410)955-8426
Pediatric Radiology(410)955-6141/6454

Weinberg CT


Outpatient Center 3rd Floor 
Body CT(410)502-1326

Nuclear  Medicine


Outpatient Center 4th floor 



General X-ray(410)955-6795
Outpatient Center 5th floor 

Muskuloskeletal (Ortho)