Seulki Lee, PhD

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Gwangju, Korea

Center for Nanomedicine
Small Animal Imaging Research Program
Center of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence

Research Areas of Interest
Translational theranostics
Molecular imaging

Honors and Awards
2012 Guest Editor for Theranostics
2011-2016 NIH Pathway to Independence Award (K99/R00)
2010-2011 NRC Associateship (NIH/NIST Fellowship, National Academy of Sciences)
2009 WMIC travel award
Journal Cover Features: Bioconjug. Chem. (2008), Mol. Imaging (2009), Chem. Rev. (2010), Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. (2012), Theranostics (2012).

Selected articles from over 100 publications.

  1. Swierczewska M, Choi KY, Mertz EL, Huang X, Zhang F, Zhu L, Young UH, Park JH, Bhirde A, Lee S*, Chen X*, A facile, one-step nanocarbons functionalization for biomedical applications. Nano Lett, 2012; 12(7): 3613-20.
  2. Huang X, Swierczewska M, Choi K, Zhu L, Bhirde A, Youn HY, Park J, Kim K, Xie J. Niu G, Lee KC, Lee S*, Chen X*, Multiplex imaging of an intracellular proteolytic cascade by using a broad-spectrum nanoquencher. Angew Chem Int Ed, 2012; 51(7): 1625-30.
  3. Swierczewska M, Liu G, Lee S*, Chen X*, High-sensitivity nanosensors for biomarker detection. Chem Soc Rev, 2012; 41(7): 2641-2655.
  4. Liu G, Choi KY, Bhirde A, Swierczewska M, Yin J, Lee SW, Park JH, Hong JI, Xie J, Niu G, Kiesewetter D, Lee S*, Chen X*, Sticky nanoparticles: A new platform for siRNA delivery by bis(zinc(II)dipicolyamine)-functionalized, self-assembled nanoconjugate. Angew Chem Int Ed, 2012; 51(2): 445-49.
  5. Lin X, Xie J, Zhu L, Lee S*, Niu G, Ma Y, Kim K, Chen X*, Hybrid ferritin cages as activatable probes for tumor imaging. Angew Chem Int Ed, 2011; 50(7): 1569-1572.
  6. Xie J, Zhang F, Aronova M, Zhu L, Lin X, Zhang G, Choi KY, Kim K, Sun X, Lee S*, Sun S, Leapman R, Chen X*, Manipulating the power of the additional phase: A flower-like Au-Fe3O4 optical nanosensor for imaging protease expressions in vivo. ACS Nano, 2011; 5(4): 3043-3051.
  7. Lee S, Xie J, Chen X. Peptides and peptide hormones for molecular imaging and disease diagnosis, Chem Rev, 2010; 110(5): 3087-3011.
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Contact Information
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400 N. Broadway
Baltimore, MD 21287
Phone: (443)287-7365
Fax: (410)614-3147