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Neurointerventional (Kieran Murphy and Mike Kraut):

1. Angioplasty and stenting of carotid arteries
2. Angioplasty and stenting of intracranial arteries
3. Treatment of arteriovenous malformations of the brain, spine, head and neck(coils, balloons, glue, particles, etc)
4. Treatment of aneurysms of the brain, spine, head and neck (coils, balloons, etc)
5. Treatment and embolization of hypervascular tumors of the brain, spine, head and neck
6. Vertebroplasty
7. Treatment of compression fractures
8. Pain management of spinal problems

Functional magnetic resonance imaging (Mike Kraut, David Yousem, Peter Barker, Peter van Zijl)

1. Functional magnetic resonance imaging of the brain for brain mapping, surgical mapping, prior to epilepsy therapy, for brain tumors
2. Diffusion and perfusion imaging of strokes, neoplasms, radiation necrosis, multiple sclerosis
3. Diffusion Tensor imaging of demyelinating and dysmyelinating disorders
4. Functional MRI in children with learning disabilities, dyslexia, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder
5. Odor stimulated FMRI
6. Functional imaging in aging, pre-Alzheimer’s Disease, and Alzheimer’s Disease
7. Functional MRI in higher visual function and cognitive operations
8. Functional neuroimaging in post-stroke brain plasticity
9. Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging
10. Hypnosis and functional MRI

Pediatric Neuroimaging (Mike Kraut, Peter Barker)

1. Pediatric study center (NIH contract): anatomic, metabolic, and functional MR imaging data base in normal children.
2. Multicenter (international including Europe, China and India) clinical trial for assessment of new therapies in adrenoleukodystrophy using MR imaging, Spectroscopy, and MR tensor imaging
3. Developing our own software for total brain magnetization transfer histograms to use as a quantitative method for monitoring leukodystrophies
4. Implementation of isotropic diffusion imaging for the evaluation of perinatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy
5. Genetic imaging: Adding NAAspartase genome to adenoviruses and using MR spectroscopy for in vivo monitoring of viral spread in brain tissue. We have our hands on the NAAspartase genome.
6. Correlation of computer-based quantitative white matter and Ventricular volumes with cognitive and neurological deficit in children with periventricular leukomalacia.
7. Neuroimaging Core of the Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Research Center

Positron Emission Tomography and MR Spectroscopy (Marty Pomper, Peter Barker, Alena Horska)

1. General interests include A) radiopharmaceutical development (PET) for neurology, psychiatry and oncology and B) applications of MR spectroscopy to brain pathology.
2. National Alliance for Research in Schizophrenia and Depression (NARSAD): exploring glutamate, nitric oxide and alpha-7 nicotinic receptors in the pathogenesis of schizophrenia.
3. American Cancer Society: metabolic imaging (PET and MRS) of lesions in HIV+ individuals.
4. Alexander and Margaret Stewart Trust: development of PET tracers based on NAALADase (prostate-specific membrane antigen) to image prostate cancer
5. Guilford Pharmaceuticals: A) assessment of the MR appearance of the surgically implantable chemotherapeutic agent Gliadel; B) assessment of brain NAA levels in primates treated with the NAALADase (glutamate) inhibitor GPI-5000 using MRS
6. A multidisciplinary NIH grant was recently submitted to develop a Molecular/functional Imaging Center for Cancer Research focusing on small animal imaging.

Spectroscopy (Peter Barker, Alena Horska)

1. Proton MR spectroscopy of pediatric brain tumors
2. Spectroscopic differentiation between tumors and radiation effects, radiation necrosis
3. NAA maps in white matter diseases
4. NAA maps in normal aging
5. Spectroscopy and stroke and ischemia

Stroke Imaging and Therapy (David Yousem, Peter Barker, Kieran Murphy)

1. Diffusion/perfusion imaging of patients after coronary artery bypass grafting, angiography, balloon pumps
2. Early treatment of stroke with intra-arterial clot busters
3. Perfusion issues and hormonal influences
4. Perfusion and homeopathic remedies
5. Perfusion and affect, mood

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